SCBM in Scotland, 21-25 May 2018

SCBM in Scotland, 21-25 May 2018

Day 4

After having 3 hours of alone time in the capital of Scotland, shopping, eating and walking around, we meet up with our tour guides.

We got split into two groups, social science and business management with one tour guide each, Richard and his father.

Our tour guides were very nice and you could tell they knew the city by heart as well as its history very well when speaking and it was fascinating listening them being so passionate about what they were talking about.

While walking around Edinburgh we saw beautiful old buildings and it was quite different from back home in Malmö. The buildings were all very old, but they had their charm.

We walked past multiple of pubs, because as we know Scotland is very famous for their whiskey so there was pubs wherever you turned. However one we found interesting was a pub named ”The last drop”. In this pub, people used to have their last drink before getting hung on the grassmarket just outside. This pubs logo is a rope symbolizing the purpose of the bar and its name.

Overall we had a great time in Edinburgh and we wished we could have been there an extra day but unfortunately we had to head back to glasgow and get ready for our trip back home the next day.


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