SCBM in Scotland, 21-25 May 2018

SCBM in Scotland, 21-25 May 2018

Day 3

We had a birthday-girl today, so we started the morning by singing to her.

Then, after breakfast we walked down Buchanan street down to George’s square where we meet our lovely guide Linda from yesterday, and her college Mike. The class was divided after the gathering, Social Science went with Linda and Business and Management went with Mike.

Both groups started in the City Chambers which is one of the most public place and belongs to the public. We got to see the stairs in the building were a lot of films and series have been recorded, for example the outlanders and James Bond movies.

We in BM with Mike as a guide focused a lot on the story and rebranding of Glasgow. We visited the gallery of modern art which we learned had belonged to a very rich and great business man who soled tobacco during the greatest period of Scotland.

Since we compared to SC don’t study geography, we had the luck to take in the view and information without any stress about writing an assignment.

The Social Science class walked through Glasgow with the same tour guide as yesterday, Linda. It was great to get an native’s perspective of the city and its development, given our final assignment in geography. It was quite difficult to take notes, ask questions and take in the view of the Clyde river simultaneously. Resourceful answers and hot sun made a good walking tour despite aching feet.



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