SCBM in Scotland, 21-25 May 2018

SCBM in Scotland, 21-25 May 2018

Day 2

At 8:30 our journey across the western part of Scotland began. The first thing we saw on our road trip was the new and old parts of Glasgow, especially the architecture of the buildings.

Along our exciting journey we learned a lot about the current as well as older environment of Scotland. Sheep, highland cows and seals were only a couple of the large amount of animals that can be found in the vast lands. The most interesting story regarding the cows was when Queen Victoria visited Scotland and found the ginger highland cows extremely charming and eventually led to the majority of the offspring being ginger.


However, the most fascinating part was our first destination, Inveraray. Just before we entered inveraray, a castle was seen on the right. Allegedly, the fifth duke of Scotland moved the whole village in order to build the castle where he wanted it. Inveraray is a rather small village located next to a loch (lake). Despite the small size of the village a lot of shops, cafes as well as monuments could be found. Almost in the center of the village there is a jail built in the 19th century that today is a museum. However our trip was far from the end.

Mathilda T, Alice, Amina, Elif, Marcela & Panpasa

We started off the second part of the day by capitalizing on the opportunity to eat genuine and authentic fish ’n chips in one of the harbours we visited. We ordered our meals in a genuine take away stand and received a big portion of Scottish accent, we enjoyed our meal to the sight of the beautiful landscape in the Scottish highlands.

After lunch we got on the bus again and travelled to a region filled with vulcanic landforms, we snapped a couple of shots to the beautiful view and then continued our journey back to the hostel.


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