RIMUN was cool

RIMUN was cool

Written by the Belgian Delegation at RIMUN 2016: Zsuzsanna Kiss, Martyna Szumniak, Ludovic Maguire, Jonas Bokelmann and William Goldman


At 10:00 4 of us met at Malmö C to start our travel to RIMUN, aka Rome International Model United Nations. Many hours, some sleep and snacks later, we landed at Fiumicino, the international airport in Rome, picked up our luggage and took a taxi to our hotel. There we unpacked and decided, with the help of a very bad map provided by the receptionist and very little information, to explore the area and find the school where the conference would be held. The next two hours contained some accidental sightseeing of Olympic Monuments and lots of walking until we found the school in question; it turned out to be right around the corner from our hotel. After meeting up with the 5th member of our group, we went out for some pizza (what else does one eat their first night in Italy?) and some more exploring of the area before we went back to the hotel to rest.



The day of the Opening Ceremony, we made our way to a beautiful place right by the Victor Emmanuel monument. After 3 hours of very interesting and eye-opening speeches, we were free to do some sightseeing. We visited the monument, the Colosseum, the Fontana di Trevi and generally explored the streets of central Rome. After many hours of walking, we finally went back to our hotel where we rested a bit before going out for dinner and some grocery shopping. This was then followed by some vigorous resolution checking as we wanted to be prepared for the next day. Seeing as this took as almost 4 hours, we went to bed as soon as we were done.






The first day of Committee work had arrived, we suited up early and took the quick walk to school. We spent the morning comparing resolutions and fighting for the ability to main submit. All of us succeeded. Throughout the day we got committee pictures taken which we would later get. All of our committees were rather efficient so we spent the extra time getting to know each other, playing games, or debating fun resolutions. Eventually the day came to a close and we returned to our hotel, we would meet up with a group of Danish delegates later that day.


On the weekend, we continued with committee work. Saturday marked the start of resolution debating. In most committees, there were several very experienced MUN enthusiasts (one delegate having been to 17 conferences), so debate was intense and fruitful. Generally within committees, people were extremely active and willing to speak, even if there was a tendency to forget what countries they were representing, for example a delegate of South Sudan requesting for countries with high carbon emissions to be punished, as well as resolution voting that made no sense. Overall 4 out of our delegation’s 6 resolutions passed.





On Monday, we continued with the debate for half a day. After productively discussing our resolutions, we had the afternoon off and, after going back to our hotel rooms, decided to use the time to rest from the exhausting previous days of intense debate. Eventually, we decided to go out and socialise with the other delegates from our Committees. The day was then concluded by a nice get-together with all our new acquaintances.


Tuesday was the final day of the conference, and our second last day in Rome. This day the General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council came together and debated on some of the best resolutions as a whole. It was great seeing all the different topics that were discussed other than the ones in our committee. After this we headed to the Closing Ceremony where awards were announced. Our delegation received two Best Delegate awards. Finally the President of the General Assembly closed the session. So we said our goodbyes, exchanged phone numbers with our newly made friends and headed back home to get some rest as our flight was at 6 the next day.



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