RIMUN – Day 3

RIMUN – Day 3

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Sunday, 26/03/17

Our first day of debating proved to be a lot of fun for all of us. The committees all contributed to the discussion of our various topics and we were all happy to report and discuss our active participation in the debates as well filled with many points, speeches, and amendments throughout all the resolutions. Out of the four of us who main-submitted our own resolutions, two were submitted today and passed with clear majorities. After seven long hours of rigorous debate we all went home exhausted and ready for the official RIMUN party. We got out of our suits, went out and had another lovely dinner at the same restaurant (it was that good), and spent a fantastic evening with the other delegates from the conference at Chalet nel Bosco. Unfortunately we did not get an as good night of sleep, but as Malmö Borgarskola we were of course prepared to power through and debate intensely on Monday as well.

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