RIMUN – Day 2

RIMUN – Day 2

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Saturday, 25/03/17

On the second day, it was the first day of us attending the conference.

We were all assigned to our different committees such as Human Rights Council, Economic and Financial Committee and Committee on Crime Prevention. We are representing three different countries: United Arab Emirates, Iran and Somalia. The morning was spent lobbying with the other delegates to debate our issues in an informal manner and exchange opinions. The aim of this is to develop a resolution, which is an official UN working document which presents a detailed strategy to tackle the issue in question. The whole day was dedicated to this, and will we start the actual debates tomorrow. During the evening, we found a really cozy restaurant with a ton of options and we all ordered a different pasta dish. The food was so good that some people even decided to take a second round! The evening ended with a lovely dessert and finally a good night sleep for once!

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