Madrid Trip – Day One (9th October)

Madrid Trip – Day One (9th October)

From the 9th of October to the 13th, the IB1’s and IB2’s taking Spanish went to Madrid. With a fear of speaking Spanish to natives, and way too much luggage, we embarked on our journey. In the end, we are grateful to those who made this trip happen (Jenny Malmros Arwedson and Ulrika Thuné Cerutti, as well as our headmaster Martin Roth), and hope the next group of people will have just as fun as we did. Here is what happened.

Monday 9th October

We met at the Malmo C on Monday afternoon excited to go on our trip. After a 3-hour flight, we arrived in Barajas at 22:30. Although we arrived to the hostel, Hostal Abadia, quite late at night, some of us were still able to go out and grab a bite to eat. Our arrival was filled with joy and excitement for the days ahead.

Vitória Russo Gaino and Diana Baltag

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