Day Two: Edinburgh and Glasgow

Day Two: Edinburgh and Glasgow

We were instantly engrossed by the diversity and internationality of the University of Edinburgh as we entered the highly prestigious campus. As we were led through the halls of the historic Old Medical faculty, we exchanged curious looks with the students, truly getting a sense of this world of academia and what it would be like to be the one running from one lecture to the next in this 16th century academic utopia.

After a general introduction to the university, we were split into two groups and led through the premises by a student who gladly answered any of our questions and gave us some historical insight into what felt like every corner, as the university through the years became built upon its rich history. We walked past the ingenious Arthur Conan Doyle’s apartment, the five-storied high library hosting around two million books and the Harry Potter-like Teviot Row House building, among others. The diverse physical appearance of the premises, comprised of both modern buildings and charming, 16th-century

castles and exceptional academia, the University of Edinburgh truly became an experience to hold onto.

After getting some free time to explore it individually and get some Scottish lunch, we were off to our next destination, this time, the culturally-centered town of Glasgow and its well-heard of majestic university.

After an hour-long bus ride, our silver “carriage” pulled up right in front of the university’s gates. In the blink of an eye, our tiredness have way to mesmerization by the grand campus we had arrived at. The central building of the University of Glasgow can easily be mistaken for a royal residence. Following a prompt stop by the visitor’s center, we were led into the castle’s walls. The main building consists of a west and east quadric, each surrounded by scholarly wings with a perfectly green lawn in the middle. It so happened that every patch of grass we passed on our tour had a uniformed worker mowing it, which only strengthened claims about the university’s high maintenance.

The atmosphere in the accommodation areas of campus was highly romantic. Little coffee shops, dorm quarters, the student gym, and the union houses stand in the midst of colorful autumn leaves. On the whole, Glasgow’s main campus is a student’s dream. The grandeur of the hilltop institute at night was more remarkable still, as the bell rung at the top of the famous clock tower, the two of us stood lit up by the building’s illuminators.

The city itself was, by contrast, a busy and noisy metropolitan landscape, crisscrossed, not by flat streets, like those of Malmö, but by mountainous roads and sidewalks. Despite our eagerness to linger and explore further, our bus awaited sharply the following morning.


26th September

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