Day Three: Glasgow Caledonian and Stirling

Day Three: Glasgow Caledonian and Stirling

After checking out from our central hotel in Glasgow, we took a short bus ride to our third university destination, Glasgow Caledonian, a university located right in the city centre. We were met by the EU advisor, who let us know about the university’s specialization and its hands-on academic nature. A student then guided us through the modern campus, greatly differing from the other two Ancient Universities, yet still as appealing. The block of accommodation buildings was situated right across from the main campus, comprised of tidy, well-maintained facilities and a pleasant atmosphere. As we were leaving the university through the main entrance gates, we were guided out by upbeat guitar strumming of a student amidst miniature international cuisine trucks.

Another ride in our private coach brought us to the doors of Stirling University, a campus which stretches over 330 acres of lakes, rivers, hills and forests. The university’s fascinating location brings together nature and education just outside the town of Stirling which serves as Scotland’s birthplace. SU is very well-known for its remarkable sports programmes and clubs, investing millions into both outdoor and indoor sports facilities. The students have a building for the simple purpose of recreation with approximately ten cafes and restaurants, shops and club headquarters. The general lifestyle at Stirling appears to be relaxed, balanced and both physically and mentally healthy for the students. Just outside the campus, hiking tracks and pathways are available for climbing the famous ranges, potentially a great weekend activity.

After touring the green territories of Stirling University, we got back on the transfer for a long ride up North to Aberdeen. Soon after our arrival, we were met by a former Borgar student who told us about her experience in Aberdeen, both the city and the university. We went out for dinner in Union Square, a large mall in the heart of the city, before retiring to our hotel.


27th September

Daria Slavnova and Mariya Gogenko

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