Day One: Arrival in Edinburgh

Day One: Arrival in Edinburgh

Having gotten off the plane in the capital of kilts, bagpipes and world-renowned shortbread, we made our way into the city center in our transfer. Instantly, we were struck by the town’s charming atmosphere. Formidable, century-old buildings coexist alongside a modern mindset in the optimistic and excited buzz of the cheery streets.

We were then guided to our hotel, conveniently located right in the heart of the city, where we dropped off our luggage and soon afterwards set off on the first adventure around Edinburgh. We started off with the Royal Mile, the city’s historical artery, running from the Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, also being the home to a variety of architecturally mesmerizing parliament buildings, law courts, churches and a neighbor to an extinct volcano.

We mounted the hills North- East of the center where the National Monument is situated at one of the Capital’s highest altitudes. Having stood for a couple moments stupified by the grandiosity of the panorama which had opened before us, we hurried down in excitement to part ways with our supervisors and explore Edinburgh independently.

We split up by the Scottish National Gallery, where we all diverged on our own routes, whether it be to get a taste of the largely talked of deep-fried Mars bars – an accurate representation of the Scottish unofficial deep frying culture, do some shopping at Primark, or go on a late-night walking tour of the city’s reputably ‘haunted’ cemeteries. All in all, the ethereal experiences we gained from having stayed in Scotland for just one day provided us with a sense of the local lifestyle and atmosphere, significantly adding to our eagerness to discover more.


25th September 2017

Daria Slavnova and Mariya Gogenko


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