Day Four: Aberdeen and Dundee

Day Four: Aberdeen and Dundee

The town of Aberdeen’s highly romantic atmosphere was well-reflected in the Ancient university. The first stop was the university library, the tallest structure in the town, built to mimic the Northern Lights. We were led to the seventh floor, where the room’s view overlooked most of the city and its beautiful landscape, with boats parked out on the sea and a variety of green golf courses. After a general introduction to the university, we were given the opportunity to participate in a mock-seminar taught by the university’s own history professor. Being able to grasp the university student requirements through practice was an exceptional experience. Afterwards, a student from Finland guided us around the campus, showing us everything from student accommodation, to the gym facilities, and to lovely private housing. After a long agglomeration of questions and goodbyes, we were free to explore the food court building with its great variety of international cuisine, ranging from Scottish to Chinese. We were truly able to experience university life as we all fought for seats and tables to accommodate ourselves before setting off to the next city, the wonderful city of Dundee, known for its three Js: jam (specifically orange), journalism and jute.

The bus ride to Dundee was sunny and quite pleasant, we parked just outside the university entrance on the cobbled pavement of an old street. The introductory presentation took place in the tallest building on campus, and just like the one at Aberdeen, on the top floor. The view outside the long window was equally photogenic. A thin bridge stretched across the gulf separating Dundee from St Andrews and the town’s skyline was decorated with old clocktower spikes mixed in among modern buildings. It is no wonder that the city was selected as a capital of design by UNESCO. After the presentation, we descended the nine floors back into the foyer where two students began their guided tour. The campus lacks the ancient architectural vibe which was present in Glasgow and some of Aberdeen, yet instead is a cheerful and free territory, buzzing with student life. We were shown around the pool, gym, accommodation buildings and the student union which is famously voted best in Scotland. Once the visit came to an end, our ‘magic school bus’ dropped us off at our Apex Spa resort on the canal. Two more former Borgar students – Sarah and Johanna came by to enlighten us on the interior excitement of education at Dundee before our retirement to our sleeping quarters.


28th September

Daria Slavnova and Mariya Gogenko

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