Day Five: St Andrews and Departure

Day Five: St Andrews and Departure

The last day of the trip was a fuss. We were asked the previous evening to wake up earlier in the morning, and so everyone came down to breakfast looking more tired than ever. Our sleepiness continued on the bus ride, yet upon arrival in the magical St Andrews, we were soon distracted, more promptly than ever before. Petite stone houses stand neatly lining the rocky streets of the town. The university campus stretches across the ocean shore in a series of old castle ruins and grand institution buildings, among which stands St Salvator’s Hall, surrounding its yard with sturdy walls and the famous church building on one side. The excursion ran by the perimeter of the main campus, along the accommodation housing and the sea with a visit to the library and union house. Scotland’s No. 1 higher education institute made a strong and respectable first impression.

The presentation was run through swiftly and the Q and A session was just as brief, for we were in a hurry to catch our plane all the way back at the Airport of Edinburgh. On the bus ride back to the capital heart of Scotland, we all reminisced about the trip, already missing Scotland’s great wonders, the grandiosity and majesticity of its architecture which we’d been completely overwhelmed by and reflected upon how engulfed we’d become in Scottish culture in just one week. As we got off the bus, understanding that these will be the last moments of our trip, we all looked around with a sense of desire, to both stay and to remember. After saying goodbyes with our amazing tour guide, whose own experiences were just as worthy and captivating as the university tours themselves, we stepped foot into the airport and hurried to catch our plane. Luckily some time was available and although our hands were already filled with the bags of generosity we received from almost every university, yet we still prioritized souvenir shopping, ranging from Walkers and fudge to canned Haggis, over a longed-for meal.

The aircraft took off and it was goodbye Scotland and hello postponed responsibilities, which awaited us upon arrival back home.

We wish to thank Jonas, Leslie, David, all three of our great bus drivers and Malmö Borgarskola for the amazing trip and several shoulder bags full of experience!


29th September

Daria Slavnova and Mariya Gogenko


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