BAHM17 Montreux trip – Day Three

BAHM17 Montreux trip – Day Three

Our third day started out with a class in Bar & Beverage. There we talked about how long it should take from ordering a drink to serving it to the guest or customer. After that lesson we had a class called Luxury Business Management. In that class we got to learn about what type of brand that are considered as a Luxury brand and how to build your own.

After these two classes we had Lunch and after lunch it was time for an Industry Visit to Nestlé. We took the train to Vevey and when we arrived to Nestlé we took a group picture before we started exploring.

At Nestle we got to go to their interactive museum where they told the whole story of Nestlé. After the introduction we got to explore the whole complex. First they had a museum of what their old products looked like and the original machines that made them. As you walked further into the museum the more interactive it got. They had for example they had a huge round table with a rotating middle part. On the rotating part they had small figures that represented things such as a pizza slice or wheat. If you for example picked up the pizza slice and placed it in the small circle next to your seat, they would tell you what positive and negative aspects the pizza slice has on you. In that room they also had a station where they stated problems around the world. There they asked you to pick up an empty coffee capsule and to put in the container under the statement you saw as the most important to solve.

The more you explored the museum the more interactive it got. They had for instance a kinect where you had to collect fresh apples to make babyfood, virtual reality glasses and a station where you could get free kitkat.

After our visit at Nestlé we took the train back to Montreux to have a little bit of free time and later ate dinner at the school restaurant, Gate 85.

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