BAHM17 Montreux trip – Day Five

BAHM17 Montreux trip – Day Five

The last day in Montreux started out with a class in Business & Leadership skills. In that class we got to talk about how some of the biggest hotel chains and restaurants in the world, treat their customers. After that class we had a small session where they gave us more information about the internships we’ll go on in the future if we’re studying in Montreux.

As our last lunch at the school, we got to eat at their Fine Dining restaurant, One 5. There we got to eat a three course meal. When everyone had finished their dessert it was time for a Ceremony event. But before the Ceremony started they took the opportunity to announce who had won the photo competition they had. The winners got their very own HIM-hoodie. After the coronation of the winners, it was time to give the whole class a certificate, saying tha

t we successfully had attended 5 days of education at HIM.


When the Ceremony was finished we got approximately an hour to go back to our dorms and pack our stuff. If you already had your bags packed you had a little bit of free time left in Montreux. Once the hour was up, it was time for a small gathering in the School’s reception before we left. There we said goodbye to the teachers and took some group pictures so we would have something to remember.

After saying goodbye to everyone, we headed to the train station to catch a train to Geneva Airport. The train from Montreux to the airport would take about one hour. When we arrived at the Airport we had a quick toilet break before we headed to check-in. Once everyone was checked-in we headed to the security control. As soon as you got out of the Security control, you could see a Canonica store, where they sold the chocolate we got to try at the Chocolate tasting they offered us.


Once some of us had bought some chocolate, we had about one hour to eat something before we had to be at the gate to catch a flight to Copenhagen. The airport was very small and you didn’t have too many options to choose from. There was for example a sushi bar, a salad bar and bistro.

When everyone was full and satisfied we headed to the gate to wait for our gate to open. After about 15 minutes the gate opened and we could finally board our flight. The flight would take 1 hour and then we had to take a train from CPH airport to Hyllie.


Once we arrived to Hyllie there was no doubt in that this, was something we would love to do again.


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